Hormone Imbalance and The Most Common Signs!

Hormone Imbalance signs

Did you know that many women experience some hormonal imbalance throughout their lifetime? Many may think that it is “normal” to be emotional at specific times of the cycle and “suffer” with menstrual cycles. Well, just because something is common does not mean it is normal. Also, manage your perimenopausal symptoms for a smoother transition.

Your hormones being in balance will result in a smoother time before and during the menstrual cycles. There are things you can do in order to maintain a proper balance. Here are some common signs of hormone imbalance and naturopathic doctors can support your hormonal health through various therapies.

Constant Weight Gain/Inability to Lose Weight

Other than diet and physical activities, hormones also play an important role in maintaining a healthy weight. By addressing the underlying hormonal imbalance, you may overcome the weight loss plateau. Your stress level, thyroid, and digestive system all play a role in weight and hormone balance.

Mood Changes

Unstable moods are common with hormonal imbalance. Anxiety, irritability and depression can be a sign of hormone shifts. Mood changes, especially with cyclic pattern, should be checked for hormonal imbalance and treated for better quality of life.

Stubborn Acne

If you experience acne during the same time every cycle, it is likely linked to estrogen and progesterone imbalance. If the acne is deep and cystic without a pattern, then androgens can be the cause of your acne. It is also important to note that food can play a role and food sensitivity test can help determine foods that your body is reacting to. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the location of acne can shed lights on organ imbalances.

Decreased Libido

A lower libido may not be a common topic to be discussed but it is a sign of hormonal imbalance. This can be due to imbalances in estrogen and testosterone which may be linked to stress and liver function. A harmonious relationship in bed can be achieved by addressing the underlying health imbalance.


You may have issue with energy and may experience the afternoon energy crash regularly. This is another sign of hormonal imbalance and may be linked to thyroid, adrenal glands and/or other hormones.


Your cravings are actual clues from the body aimed to achieve balance. If you are craving sugary foods, it may be linked to an imbalance with insulin and other hormones. If you are craving salty foods, it can be linked to the adrenal glands and mineral imbalance leading to hormonal imbalance.


If you have been struggling with conceiving, chances are that either you and/or your partner has hormonal imbalance. Lab tests may not be abnormal as suboptimal levels can affect fertility. It is time to balance hormones, address stress, and improve your fertility naturally.

Hot Flashes/Insomnia

You may experience hot flashes and night sweats leading to insomnia as estrogen levels decrease in perimenopause and after menopause. If hot flashes are experienced earlier in life, hormonal testing can help to determine the underlying imbalance. Proper sleep can be achieved by correcting underlying imbalances.

Digestive Concerns

Just as food can affect the skin, your digestion can be affected by hormones. Cortisol (your stress hormone) and serotonin (your well-being hormone) both affect digestion and are affected by improper digestion. Bloating at specific times of the cycle can be treated by balancing hormones.

Both subjective (symptoms) and objective (labs) information can provide guidance on hormone balancing. Some of the naturopathic treatments to balance hormones include acupuncture, botanical medicine, diet and lifestyle counselling, professional supplementation and injections. Feel free to book in with me and take charge of your health today!